What the world should be

I know it’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve been wanting to write but a lot of things are going on right now for me…

Said that, I felt for some time like sharing my thoughts on WHAT THE WORLD SHOULD BE, meaning what is my vision about what we, humans, should do, think, become… in order to properly take care of the world we live in. Gee, that can be long as to become a book in itself! And I’m pretty sure there’s tons of them in libraries and bookstores. But I just wanted to share my particular vision in a relatively short way.

Don’t take what I’m about to say personally, but we humans are kind of like a plague. Yes, like Agent Smith said in The Matrix, we are a virus. What do we do? We establish ourselves in an area where there are natural resources available for us, we reproduce ourselves and reproduce, and reproduce… until all natural resources are exhausted. Then, in order to survive, we transition to another area with natural resources, and so on and so forth.

What is happening now? That we’ve arrived at a point of saturation where basically the Earth is like: “Hey, chill out humans, there’s only so much that I can take from you guys!”. And, evidently, our planet is starting to “re-adjust” itself to an equilibrium, no matter that that involves erasing us from the face of our planet. That’s going to happen, no matter how many human deniers’ arguments you can hear. Trust me, whoever that has ever studied any kind of Earth Sciences course (and I’m talking Primary school, not even College) can tell you the same thing.

That, of course, is my personal belief, my personal way of thinking. I’m not trying to convince anybody of anything here. Everybody can read this (and so many other things) and jump to their own conclusions.

So, WHAT THE WORLD SHOULD BE? What is it like in the ideal world in my mind? That’s the easy part:

  • With the Clean Transportation Act, ALL the transportation industry (which includes cars, trucks, trains, planes, etc.) has become COMPLETELY ELECTRIC. There’s no more dependency on fossil (dirty) fuels anymore, since it is banned by that law. The big companies behind any dirty energy bankrupted long time ago.
  • Thanks to the Clean Residential and Commercial Act, ALL residential and commercial buildings are, BY LAW, completely powered by renewable energies. The main goal since the inception of any project to build a house or offices is clear: ZERO EMISSIONS.
  • Almost everybody is VEGAN now. It has become almost a disgrace to eat food that comes from animals. Everybody understands that animals are equals and, most importantly, that the human body isn’t made to process animal food. Thanks to the Animal Rights and Protection Act,┬áit is PROHIBITED BY LAW to harm any animal. Any type of practice involving any type of harm to animals is considered equal to doing it to a human being, and accordingly punished.
  • The rates of obesity and health problems in general have decreased substantially in just a few generations. The transition to a plant-based lifestyle and philosophy has created way healthier people. As incredible as it may sound, the armed conflicts in the world have nearly disappeared, and many experts find a direct explanation on the type of lifestyle that we now follow.
  • As a result of the Animal Rights and Protection Act, all the fast food, processed food industries (and the unhealthy food in general) are GONE. There are exceptions on any one that has adapted to a fully plant-based, non-animal diet.
  • The “green energy” industry now is the leading industry in the world. Almost 65% of the job opportunities currently available are directly or indirectly related to clean energy. There was a decade of transition in which everybody had to “recycle” themselves professionally in order to adapt to this transition.
  • As a direct result of all these worldwide practices, there is no more distinction between poor and rich. Every country is comparably developed to the rest, since the “return to basics” in all aspects of everybody’s day-to-day lifestyle resulted on a more contempt economy that provided room for former non-developed countries to expand and super-developed countries to decrease its pace, arriving to an equilibrium globally. This resulted in a “mutually beneficial bargain” between the former “rich vs poor” scheme.

So this is, more or less, the utopia that is in my mind when I think of what I would like the world to be. I feel bad for everything the human race has done to the planet and to the other species that we share the Earth with. We are equals. We don’t deserve more this planet than them. We are all animals, in the sense that we are all different species sharing a place to live.

We, human beings, have a huge responsibility toward our “home” and our “neighbors”. Denying that is denying life, freedom, happiness, love… You can argue whatever you want and as much as you want about anything else, but not about that. That should be crystal clear to everybody. If it’s not, the Earth is gonna wipe us up from this planet, no matter how “powerful”, “holy” or “big” we think we are… We are nothing… and yet we are everything, we have the key to make this right!

Are you gonna make it right?

Think about it.