About me

Robert Martinez

My name is Robert Martinez and this is my blog, archrob7!

Here you’ll find a little bit about my thoughts on Architecture, Interior Design, CAD/BIM, Sustainability… and, in general, on how to make the world a better place. I want to share with you ideas that cross my mind everyday, buildings and spaces that I find breathtaking and interesting, programs and processes that surprise me… things that I care about.

A little about myself: I’m originally from Barcelona (Spain). There, I worked for a few years as a CAD Drafter and did some coursework on Architecture and Civil Engineering. I moved to Chicago with my wife in 2013, and beginning 2014 we moved again. This time, Seattle, WA! Here I want to pursue an AAS in Architectural Engineering Drafting, with my eyes on a BS in Architecture, afterwards. What drives me? A hint: Green Architect!

My hobbies are: Mountain Biking (good thing we moved from Chicago to Seattle!), amateur photography (I have a nice Nikon DSLR camera), travel (although I hate flying), reading, watching TV, going to the movies… Pretty standard stuff! I’m also an enthusiast of new technologies, gadgets and social media. I love enjoying the little details of life.

Welcome to my blog! Enjoy!

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