Why unnecessary car idling?

When thinking of how to make this world a better place in terms of being more environmentally responsible and diminishing our carbon footprint, I can’t help it but to be annoyed when someone leaves his/her car running when it’s absolutely NOT necessary…

Let me clarify the situation: A person parks in a train station’s parking lot, waiting for a relative to arrive on a train, and leaves the car running. For as long as 15-20 minutes.

There’s no need for it because it is not hot enough to “justify” having the AC on (I quoted justify because you can just turn off the car and go out under a tree if it’s hot, we don’t need SOOOOO much AC all the time in the summer; that’s just my opinion). Also, it’s not cold enough to justify having the heater on (I didn’t quoted justify here because it can get really cold where I live, and you kind of need the heater on a little bit…). And, also, you don’t need the engine on to listen to the radio because you have a battery in the car.

So, why then you leave the engine on when there’s absolutely no need for it? I’ve even seen people having all the windows down in the summer, the engine on and the AC at maximum power… Why?

Think about it: let’s say you don’t give a damn about environment. Ok, fine. But you are wasting fuel unnecessarily. Fuel that YOU have to pay for. Isn’t that against your economy? I mean, wouldn’t you prefer not to throw away all that money over a year? And if you do give a damn about environment, why would you willingly pollute it for no reason, making you and the people around you have to breathe that exhaust air?

You can say: “Well, this is a free country, and if I want to waste all that gas and pay for it, is my right”. Yes, you’re right, I’m not saying the opposite. BUT I think that’s a very poor decision, based solely on the economic fact that you’re throwing away your own money.

You can also argue: “Well, the fuel consumption of the car when I turn on the engine is bigger than just leaving it on all the time”. Hmmm… no, it’s not. That can be true if you leave your car on for a couple minutes, 5 minutes tops. But if you’re waiting for someone for, let’s say, just 10-15 minutes (and I see that EVERY SINGLE DAY when I go pick up my wife at the station), your car is already consuming more fuel, and you are wasting more money…

Again, this is strictly my opinion, but I think it’s pretty reasonable what I’m saying. I’m not saying that you should be cold or hot while you’re waiting to pick up someone. What I’m saying is that there’s more options than just staying in the car and having the AC/heater at maximum capacity…

Hope you like my humble opinion, and thank you for reading my blog!

Have a great day!

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